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Karine Kaelin is a Swiss national with a background in high-end property management and extensive experience organising and overseeing refurbishments and renovations.

In 2014 she moved to London and graduating as an interior designer from KLC Design School, her long live dream.

With over 14 years of project management experience, Karine has worked with top companies such as Moser Vernet & Cie and Naef SA in the Swiss estate industry before entering the interior design industry where she worked with Perring Design and Joanna Plant Interiors. Recent projects have included a manor house in Surrey, a grade II listed building in West London, a 5 storey new build in Kensington and a cottage house in the Yorkshire coast.

What`s her style? In the neat Geneva it was all industrial masculine raw wood and metal, but in the exciting madness of London, it’s more diverse, mixing modes and materials for drama and, yes, magic.

What do you need? What’s your style? Let her help you uncover it. Whether you live in a chateau, a chalet or a shed, there’s no limit to the range of possibilities. Give her your ideas and she will mould them into plans and options, and then bring them to life, transforming everyday accommodation into your longed-for home. 

Banish beige and give yourself a home to be happy in.  


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